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VHD-2 / VetScale

VHD-2 / VetScale

The amazingly durable My Weigh VHD-2 / VetScale scale is made for heavy-duty weighing: perfect for animals, livestock, farm, Veterinary Clinics, Animal Hospitals, heavy industrial use & much, much more! The extra-large stainless-steel weighing-platform of the My Weigh VHD-2 is 42″ x 22″ x 1.5″, making it large enough for just about any veterinary job & warehouse and the included cast-rollers & handle make this scale easily portable. Its low-profile platform also makes weighing animals easy. The included removable heavy-duty non-slip mat covers the entire weighing surface & helps prevent accidental slips, trips & falls. Four adjustable footpads underneath the scale make working on uneven surfaces effective with adjustment

What stands out from the My Weigh VetScale over other scales is the maximum capacity: 660lbs x 0.2lb capacity/readability. The motion-sensing technology can accurately weigh constantly moving animals! Many scales in this class are offered between 500lb – 600lb capacity. This extra bit makes this scale one to consider.

Powered by an included AC adaptor, the My Weigh VHD-2’s backlit LCD display is 1.5″ large & is easily one of the easiest scales to read from (and one of the largest displays in its class). An extra-long 6′ cord allows the Controls/Display to be either wall-mounted (comes with wall-mounting hardware for easy installation), or it can also be set on a table or flat surface for easy-reading & control. Four button control includes features such as Zero, Hold, Tare & Unit makes this scale easy-to-use & operate. An RS-232 port & included computer software allows the VHD scale to be either connected to a computer or used as a stand-alone scale.

Power Power adapter (included)
4 AA Batteries (Not included)
Display 1.5″ backlit LCD
1″ digits
Tare Feature Yes
Hold Feature Yes
Interface USB(Cable Included)
Platform Size 35.5″ x 23.5 x 1.6″
Indicator Size 7.25″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″
Stabilization Time 2-3 seconds
Weighing Modes 4

VHD-2 Scale Weighing Modes

Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
Ounces 10560 oz 5 oz
Pounds 660.0 lb 0.2 lb
Kilograms : Grams 300 kg 100 g
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