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S445M36 (12V/110Wp/440Wh/d)

S445M36 (12V/110Wp/440Wh/d)

Type S445M36
Daily output in summer in Germany (Wh/d) 440
Rated output (Pmpp) Wp 110
Short-circuit current (Isc) A 6,20
Open-circuit voltage (Uoc) V 21,50
Voltage (Umpp) 17,20
Current (Impp) A 5,90


Top quality for professional mobile applications.

  • Solar modules with 36 high-performance solar cells.
  • Sturdy, seawater-resistant aluminum frame.
  • 7 kg.



  • Frame with dewatering holes to avoid frost damage.
  • Large, waterproof junction box with connection cable and MC4 compatible plugs
  • Weather and water proof foil provides highest life expectancy even under extreme climatic conditions.
  •  Ammonia resistant.
  • Saltwater resistant.
  • Hail resistant.
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