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S440M34 (12V/110Wp/440Wh/d)

S440M34 (12V/110Wp/440Wh/d)

Type S440M34
Daily output in summer in Germany (Wh/d) 440
Rated output (Pmpp) Wp 110
Short-circuit current (Isc) A 6,30
Open-circuit voltage (Uoc) V 23,30
Voltage (Umpp) 18,90
Current (Impp) A 5,80


Appearance and design.

  • Elegant and attractive black design.
  • Extremely flat shape with aluminum sandwich plate.
  • Innovative cell connectors allow various installations such as bimini-top.
  • High stability even to walk on.
  • Already prepared cable gland in the carrier plate.
  • Cable gland position ideally positioned for elevating-roofs.

Maximum power, even under extreme conditions.

  • Highest efficiency ensured by the use of monocrystalline back-contact cells with 22% efficiency.
  • Increased tension thanks to additional single cells.
  • High output voltage due to additional solar cells.
  • Best low-light behavior –high yields even under diffuse irradiation.
  • Especially developed for permanent operation at extreme heat as well as high humidity.
  • Equipped with an UV resistant solar cable, seawater proof cable outlet and mounting holes.
  • External cell protector with bypass diodes offers protection against cell overheating.
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