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Kestrel Renewable Energy

E300i (1kW)

E300i (1kW)

The Kestrel e300i is the next generation of small wind turbines. It is a low starting machine, allowing it to generate electricity at relatively low wind speeds. The high-performance three-blade rotor with pitch control powers a twin axial flux permanent magnet brushless alternator with good heat management.

This micro wind turbine reliably supplies electrical energy with minimum attention and maintenance. It comes standard with Kestrel’s patented pitch control technology, which is designed to be maintenance-free.

The e300i maintains its rated output in excess wind speeds, optimising the potential power output and energy yield. More usable power generated, stored, and used.

The Kestrel e300i wind turbine powers telecommunication sites around the world.

It is available in 24, 36, 48, 80, 110, and 200 VDC.


Ideal Applications:

  • All specific electrical needs
  • Use for resistance heating
  • Charging batteries
  • Powering water pumps
  • Powering the national grid
  • Boosting hybrid systems for increased energy efficiency


Technical Specifications:

Small Wind Turbine Class


 Maximum Power a


 Rated Output b


 Rated Wind Speed

 10.5 ms-1

 C ut-in Wind Speed


 Generator Type


 Axial flux brushless

 Rotor Diameter

 3m (9.84ft)

 Number of blades


 Blade Material


 Tower Top Mass

 75kg (165lb)

 Tower Height

 12-18m (39-59ft)

 Tower Type


 Overspeed Protection

 Pitch Control

 Controller Type

 Charge or Voltage Limiter

 Output Voltage

 12,24,36,48,110 & 200Vdc


 Battery charging

 Grid tie


 Water pumping

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