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The STI-73 tachometers are designed to control rotational or linear speed of moving objects. The device is also able to measure frequency. As an additional advantage the device can convert the rotational / linear speed into inverse values, and to display the single revolution period or process duration. The REL / OC control output can be programmed depending on the instantaneous value of rotational speed. The counter can be configured with the local keyboard or free S-Config software via the RS-485 communication port.

  • Pulse rate / period meter.
  • Rotational / linear speed control.
  • Revolution / movement period control.
  • 1 REL / OC outputs.
  • Power supply output: 24V DC.
  • RS-485 / Modbus RTU.
  • "Over" signalling when the measuring range is exceeded.
  • Free configuration software S-Config.
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