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Sine Wave Inverter MT

Sine Wave Inverter MT

Which inverter is suitable for which application?

An inverter produces an alternating voltage of 230 V from 12 V on-board voltage. Commercially available end devices can therefore be operated via the standard RV battery. The appropriate inverter must be selected depending on the power input of the consumers.

Should I use a pure sine wave inverter or a modified sine wave inverter?

MT devices are pure sine wave inverters. The current is comparable to a normal household current. If the performance class is right, any electrical appliance can be operated without restriction. Simple, cheaper devices that are advertised as "modified", "quasi" or "trapezoidal" inverters can operate many end devices only with restrictions or not at all. If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend an inverter with pure sine wave voltage.

MT inverters are "Made in Germany" and guarantee an optimal 230 V supply from the RV battery – anywhere and at any time.

Inverters of the MT series operate as pure sine wave inverters and are consequently suitable for even the most sensitive energy consumers on board (e.g. coffee machines by Saeco, Jura, Senseo, etc.). Even modern vacuum cleaners with sensor control and highly sensitive receivers can be operated easily and unrestrictedly. The MT 600 SI-N is already sufficient for operating TV/SAT, video units, DVD, computers or battery chargers. For larger energy consumers, inverters with 1200 W or 1700 W are available.

All units are capable of handling overloads and are equipped with whisper fans as well as monitoring and shutdown functions. The operating unit with display options can be removed and mounted inside the vehicle as a remote control. An integrated load detection turns the units to energy-saving mode while they are not needed, or completely off, if need be. The larger inverters are also available with an integrated mains switching function.

Via this function, the inverter detects whether external shore power is available and switches accordingly. As long as shore power is available, the inverter remains switched off and the interior sockets are supplied with shore power. If no shore power is available, the inverter can be activated and then, the same sockets are supplied with power by the inverter.

All inverters are delivered ready for connection with integrated socket and battery cable (1.2 m).

  • Input voltage: 10.5 V up to 15 V.
  • Output voltage: 230 V AC/50 Hz, quartz-stabilised.
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