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Teltonika Networks

4-Pin Power Adapter with I/O Access

4-Pin Power Adapter with I/O Access

This 4-PIN power connector adapter allows you to easily access I/O functionality for compatible Teltonika Networks devices. It features a standard 4-PIN to 4-PIN power connection with an additional terminal for configurable digital inputs and outputs.

Input connector 4-pin, 3 mm pitch and 4-way screw terminal block
Output connector 4-pin, 3 mm pitch
Cable 4 x 0.20 mm² (24 AWG), 100 mm
Screwdriver type Micro slotted
Weight 15 g.
*Connection Data
Conductor cross section solid / flexible 0.14 - 0.50 mm² (26 - 20 AWG)
Conductor cross section flexible, with ferrule, with plastic sleeve 0.25 - 0.30 mm² (23 - 22 AWG)
Pinout 1 Pin: Power +
2 Pin: Ground -
3 Pin: Input/Output
4 Pin: Input/Output
*Connection data for 4-way screw terminal block
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